Your number one choice for steel fabrication Singapore

Pollisum is fully equipped with the facilities, equipment, qualified welders, engineers and technical staff to carry out general and structural steel fabrication in Singapore as well as marine engineering works of all scales. Pollisum undertake welding and fabrication projects including pre-fabrication in our workshop alongside our private wharf. This ensures all fabrication work is carried out with the tightest control before shipment and installation.

General fabrication

As well as offering steel fabrication Singapore, Pollisum manufactures cylinder racks and sand or concrete buckets. These come in standard sizes or custom made to order. The buckets are manufactured according to Professional Engineer certified drawings and supplied with PE-tested wire sling at customers’ request. We also offer a professional rolling and bending service.

Structural fabrication

Pollisum provides broad job-to-job flexibility and the ability to create, produce and deliver components to specification on time and within budget parameters. Our past projects include construction of a 300-ton Derrick crane on barge, an overhead traveling crane, a mobile aerial platform and a pipeline transpooling chute. Recently we constructed a 150T lifting beam and cage ladders for the rigs, which are excellent examples of our engineering capabilities. As steel fabrication Singapore experts, we are certain we can assist you in any project you approach us with.

Marine Engineering

Pollisum provide construction of large and heavy steel structures, modular fabrications, skids and working shelters. In addition, we also provide bespoke design solutions that include structural repairs and renewals, marine electrical engineering and technical marine management, where high quality welding, inspection and non-destructive tests are also provided.

Rolling and bending service and more

Equipped with sophisticated equipment, Pollisum provides a wide selection of value-adding services including:

  • plate and section rolling
  • general rolling and bending service
  • press braking
  • punching different types and sizes of holes on plates and sections
  • shearing of plates
  • metal working using lathe machine

Load Test Services

Pollisum Engineering Pte Ltd also offers load testing in different types of lifting application. With our expertise and man power, we can load test like mobile cranes, spreader beams, lifting frames, concrete buckets, various types of lifting gears, etc. Load tests are come with certificates endorsed by authorized examiner or MOM accredited PE.