Efficient and reliable marine repair and maintenance Singapore

Pollisum is a versatile and professional company with knowledge and experience in a wide range of maritime services. Most notably, we have extensive expertise in the area of heavy lifting, transport and towage on water and private wharfage for the loading and discharging of oversized goods.

We own and operate a fleet of tugs and barges for marine transportation as well as floating cranes for heavy lifting. Our efficient and reliable services are not only due to our understanding of customers’ requirements but also due to our team of experienced crews and shore staff who are well equipped to handle all forms of marine repair and maintenance Singapore.

Tug Boat & Barge

We provide tugs for towage services as well as to assist vessels in berthing and unberthing operations. Our barges are also available for the transportation of equipment and goods.

Floating Crane

Our floating cranes carry out a broad range of activities ranging from offshore lifting, transfer of cargoes, anchorage recovery, anchor and anchor chain replacement, navigation buoys. They can also perform marine repair and maintenance Singapore services as well as shifting, relocation, lifting and installation of loading arms, fire lines, jetties and harbors.


Pollisum is strategically located at the heart of the Straits of Johor where we also offer storage and transshipment facilities at our Private Port Facility, which is certified to be in full compliant with the ISPS Code.

We provide loading and unloading, berthing and mooring services, repairs and refurbishment of barges, tugs and marine structures, marine hot and cold fabrication works of onshore and offshore marine structures, import and export permits and other marine repair and maintenance Singapore services.