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The Pollisum Family

Ada’s a life/beauty guru ?
Kar Yoong is a carnivore, mmm tasty!
Eileen "walnut" forget Pollisum
Need $$$, Find Alice in wonderland
Neng Jie brawls but in brawl stars
KK smile like sunshine ☀️ bringing happiness to you
Chris, the mastermind with the plan
Joyce sleeps with mosquito net on her feet.
Jepoy likes a cup of tea, makes everything better.
Mr Ang, the big daddy
Lina speaking, how can I assist you?
Denise’s laughter is louder than Parade Commander
Julia, the big mummy
Kaii is silent but deadly
No Pollisum, No Qi
Angel can go halo to broomstick in 2.6 seconds.
Irene’s secret? Eat Healthy!
Why so serious? Smiley Kelly is here!
Cannie enjoy challenges like how she enjoys wine ?
Mary is Watermelon. Water Beauty is Mary
Kickbox? Pft no doubt, there’s robin!
Safety starts with 'S' does Shariff!
LITO, the newest addition to the Pollisum Family!
Samantha functions well under pressure 🥽
Sheau Shin’s Army on the spot!
Ying Xuan could be a model!
Clover is sweet like flowers 💐
Shy Yi's favourite color is PINK!
? + ?=Yvonne
Jazlynn say do you believe in light
Carrin drink more warm water
Ruby spell it as R-U-B-Y
Verna do not like coriander
Wan Jee reads it as 1G
Henri's brain fuel is coffee
Eunys- work hard, play harder

Our Awards

Why Choose Us?

Strong History and records

Founded in 1984 as a crane mechanical repair company, Pollisum has evolved to a leading crane leasing, transport leasing, marine, logistics and fabrication company with over 200 employees in Singapore & Malaysia.


Safety is our key priority. We do not take safety for granted and we always will adhere to industry best practices and guidelines.

  • Quarterly briefing to ensure Safety is upmost priority
  • Safety Awards

Lifting plan & Site Assessment Survey

Our engineers will perform a detailed assessment to ensure the right crane fitting, provide documents submission and lifting plans to ensure safety is at the top priority.

  • Engineers will perform pre-site survey assessment
  • Lifting plans, Method statement, Risk Assessment, Safe Work procedures.