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Mobile Crane Vs Lorry Crane: What’s The Difference?

Mobile crane vs lorry crane

Cranes have long remained invaluable in many industries. Petrochemical, construction, agricultural, and public work benefit from different types of crane equipment. They allow for easier transport of heavy materials from one place to another or hoisting them at different heights.

Regarding construction cranes, two types are considered the most widely used: the lorry crane and the mobile crane. While they are similar in many ways, they have distinct features and functionalities.

If you’re looking for cranes for civil work or private construction projects, understanding the differences between a mobile crane and a lorry crane is paramount.


What Are Mobile Cranes?

What Are Mobile Cranes


“Mobile cranes” is an umbrella term referring to different types of cranes that can be moved and aren’t fixed in a single location.

Some examples of mobile cranes include crawlers, folding booms, hydraulics, or rough-terrain cranes.


Crawler Cranes


Crawler cranes are mounted on an undercarriage that moves through crawlers or a set of tracks.

Their primary advantage is that they are highly versatile and mobile. They take only a few minutes to set up. Once ready, they can be deployed in different construction site areas.

A crawler crane can also come in multiple types of crane booms:

  • Telescopic boom
  • Lattice boom


Rough Terrain Cranes


Rough terrain or RT cranes are mainly used off-road. The crane is mounted on a wheeled undercarriage, wherein the wheels and the base are designed to be much broader to improve the equipment’s stability.

A rough terrain crane also comes with outriggers and a telescopic for added support and stability during lifting operations.


What Are Lorry Cranes?


“Lorry cranes” is a widely-used term in Singapore for cranes mounted on truck decks. The crane is often located in the rear or behind the cab, which can load and unload materials.

Unlike a lorry crane, a mobile crane can’t be used for transportation other than rigging and lifting equipment. Lorry cranes are also road legal in Singapore and can travel on public roads and thoroughfares.


Difference Between Lorry Cranes And Mobile Cranes

Difference Between Lorry Cranes And Mobile Cranes



Lorry cranes or boom trucks usually transport heavier loads, but only one at a time. Nevertheless, it remains a versatile piece of machinery and can be used in various working environments, not just on a construction site.

Another difference between a lorry and a mobile crane is that the former tends to be smaller. This makes it a perfect choice for small-sized areas.

Boom trucks can also travel much faster than any mobile crane, allowing quick access to different sites.

However, what lorry cranes make up for in speed, they lack in power. They are far less powerful than mobile cranes and have limited lifting/height capacities.

Nevertheless, a lorry crane is a good option if you need a compact crane that can move from place to place.


Conclusion About Mobile Cranes Vs Lorry Cranes


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Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Cranes Vs Lorry Cranes


A truck-mounted or lorry crane has several benefits:

  • Compact
  • Quick setup time
  • Easy site accessibility
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • Versatility

A lorry crane can lower, hoist, or transport heavy loads such as concrete structures or steel beams.

A lorry crane can lift loads ranging from 15 to 100 tonnes.