In construction, it is essential to equip your machine with the correct bucket. At Pollisum, we provide sand, material, construction, concrete and numerous other buckets Singapore-wide, which come in standard sizes or are custom-made to order. We also manufacture cylinder racks. As experts in general fabrication, we have worked across a broad range of engineering projects and can assert that no job is too difficult for us!

Pollisum’s buckets are manufactured according to Professional Engineer-certified blueprints and supplied with PE-tested wire slings at the customer’s request. Whether you are in need of a sand or material bucket in Singapore, Pollisum will deliver.


Our other services

Besides material buckets Singapore, we also specialise in manufacturing man cages and customised tanks for construction purposes. Whatever your construction needs, Pollisum is sure to meet them. Read below for a list of services we offer:

General Fabrication Works:

  • Concrete bucket
  • Sand and mud bucket
  • Hopper
  • Skip bin
  • Crane bucket
  • Self-dumping bucket
  • Water tank
  • Man cage
  • Rescue Man cage
  • Ladder
  • Silo
  • Steel ramp
  • Steel railing
  • Spreader beam
  • Cylinder rack
  • Lifting beam
  • Lifting frame
  • Lifting material cage
  • Lifting cylinder rack


Value Added Services:

  1. Plate and section rolling and Press Braking.
  2. Punching different types and sizes of holes on plates and sections.
  3. Notching tubes and pipes.
  4. Shearing of plates.
  5. Metal working using lathe machine.


Feel free to contact our friendly team of experts for more information on our services by clicking here.