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Our barges are used for transportation of equipment and goods, and they are harbour craft licensed.

120FT Barge

36.50 M (L) x 12.10 M (B) x 2.40 M (D)
299.20 Tons
Deck Strength
Approx. 5 Tons

150FT Barge

43.90 M (L) x 15.20 M (B) x 2.40 M (D)
433 Tons
Deck Strength
Approx. 5 Tons

180FT Barge

52.67 M (L) x 17.10 M (B) x 3.658 M (D)
853 Tons / 255Tons
Deck Strength
Approx. 5-10 Tons

210FT Barge

61.45 M (L) x 18.29 M (B) x 4.27M (D)
1246Tons / 374Tons
Deck Strength
Approx. 5 tons

Barge Services/Barge Charter Singapore


Are you looking for barge services in Singapore to meet your business needs? We have a comprehensive range of barges to help you. Our barges length ranges from 120 ft to 210 ft and is used to transport equipment and goods.

Our wide range of crane barges allows us to provide barge charters in Singapore for a wide range of requirements while also offering more customised solutions if required. Give us a call if you wish to enquire more about our barge service in Singapore.

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Versatile Barges For Your Businesses Needs

Our barges are very versatile. This is evident in the wide range of materials (such as often used in offshore construction)and heavy vehicles and machinery that can be transported on our barges. This also means no matter how light or heavy the cargo is, we will be able to provide barge transportation for your businesses.

Pollisum Is The #1 Company For Barge Charter & Services

Let us help you if you’re looking for a trustworthy & reliable barge operator company in the marine industry that specialises in barge shipping/barge charter in Singapore. Over the years, we have had many happy customers. You can rest assured that all our barges are harbour craft licensed.

Our team of specialists with the relevant experience & expertise for barge charter in Singapore will undoubtedly be able to provide you with more assistance. You can trust Pollisum to get the job done and have peace of mind. Give us a call today for a free consultation, and we can help you learn more about our available barge service in Singapore!

Frequently Asked Questions About
Barge Services & Barge Charter In Singapore’s Water


What Is A Barge Charter?

It is an arrangement involving renting out a barge without providing any crew. Call us today to learn more about our cost-effective fleet of tug & barge services in Singapore.

What Does A Barge Do?

A barge is a long flat bottomed boat that transports goods primarily through rivers and canals. Barge boats are usually towed or pushed by a tug boat.

How Can Pollisum Provide Assistance For Barge Service In Singapore?

Pollisum has been providing barge service in Singapore since 1984 with our trustable services and competitive prices to the marine industry. We are also awarded Enterprise 50 for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Please get in contact with us today to have a customised quotation.