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Container Trucking

Our team specialise in container trucking from 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, flatracks, General purpose, Open Top and Reefer throughout the whole Singapore. We also provide police escort trucking services if your cargo is oversized or over width.

20FT Container Truck

6m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 1.6m (H)

40FT Container Truck

12m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 1.6m (H)
Ranges 24tons to 32tons

45FT Container Truck

12m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 1.6m (H)
Ranges 24tons to 32tons

Container Trucking & Prime Movers In Singapore


Container chassis (also known as intermodal chassis or skeletal trailer) is a type of semi-trailer that an intermodal container can be mounted on. Pollisum specialises in container trucking throughout Singapore and has a fleet of high-quality container trucks ranging from reefer containers, open top containers, ISO tank containers and standard containers ready to be deployed.

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Sophisticated Container Trucks In Singapore

At Pollisum, we only want the best for our clients. As such, our fleet of container trucks in Singapore is regularly maintained and managed via a computerised tracking and management system. Utilising technology makes our trucking services more efficient for our clients and will provide them with a seamless container trucking experience.

High-Quality Prime Movers In Singapore

Pollisum provides a fleet of sophisticated prime movers in Singapore as an option for cargo transportation. Prime movers are specially-designed trucks with robust engines and excellent motive power. They are used specifically to push or pull conventional trailer transports and are also commonly known as “puller vehicles”.

Pollisum’s fleet of high-quality prime movers is routinely maintained and serviced so as to ensure that they are always in the best possible condition. We believe in doing this, we will be able to provide excellent service quality for our valuable clients. Additionally, our prime movers are also new and well-equipped with GPS tracking systems so our clients can have peace of mind.

Project Logistics Services In Singapore

Transporting large quantities of items from one location to another requires meticulous planning and organisation. Many factors come into play when planning, such as the type of goods, the size of the goods, the type of vehicles required, travel modes, travel routes, storage, stuffing and unstuffing, customs clearance and many more. Thus there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to project logistics.

Pollisum provides comprehensive end to end project logistics services in Singapore. When you engage Pollisum, we will partner with you to understand your requirement and the type of cargo that will be transported, sending our engineer to survey the site.

Reliable Project Logistics Services Provider

Cargo delivery or transporting cargo is much more complex than it sounds. It encompasses an array of processes and stakeholders in the supply chain, and to transport cargo safely and efficiently, meticulous planning must be done. That’s why it is best to team up with a project logistics services provider knowledgeable in the logistics industry, has supply chain management expertise and has the resources to provide you with efficient solutions for your transportation.

We also comply with the law and regulations is a crucial aspect of project logistics because failure to comply will result in financial losses and reputation At Pollisum, we pride ourselves on being updated on the latest laws and procedures so that we can provide seamless and stress-free services for our valuable clients.

Types Of Project Logistics Pollisum Offers

Pollisum is able to provide you with project logistics relating to:

  • Oil & Gas Logistics
  • Power Plants
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Factory Relocation
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Marine
  • Government-related projects (LTA, HDB)
Suitable For A Variety Of Industries

With Pollisum’s fleet of container trucks of various types like reefer containers, open top containers, ISO tank containers and standard containers, we are able to serve a wide variety of clients from shipping, packaging, food and construction industries. In addition, we also provide delivery, loading and unloading of containers.

Container Truck & Prime Movers Rental With Pollisum

Excellent Container Trucking Or Prime Mover Services

Pollisum strives to provide our clients with excellent prime mover service or container trucking service. We aim to accomplish this in two essential steps.

Understanding Your Requirements

To find out which type and how many container trucks are needed for the job, we would need to understand your requirements and needs. This is because different container trucks may be more suitable for different cargo. Simply let us know your requirements and the job details so that our personnel at Pollisum can advise you better and prepare a no-obligation quotation.

At the end of this stage, Pollisum will be able to specify the types and number of prime movers or container trucks needed for the job and a quotation will be sent to you.

Arranging Trained Drivers And Applying For Permits

Once the quotation is agreed on, we will arrange the prime movers or necessary container trucks and licensed drivers for the job. This way, you can rest assured that your cargo will be in good hands. If the cargo is oversized, we will apply for the Oversized Vehicle Movement (OVM) permit and provide police escort trucking services.

Large and heavy cargo slow down traffic and affect road structures due to their large size and heavyweight. As such, they would require a police escort. With the auxiliary police escort, the safety and convenience of other road users and the safe transport of the cargo will be ensured.

Our prime mover service extends beyond the delivery of cargo. In addition to arranging and scheduling the prime mover drivers, Pollisum will also apply for any permits that are required and manage the paperwork for you. We believe this will make your experience with our prime mover service a seamless and stress-free one.

We also provide project logistics relating to oil & gas logistics, power plants, infrastructure development, factory relocation, road infrastructure, marine and government related projects such as LTA and HDB.

Getting The Job Done

Once we have prepared the trailers, heavy lift vehicles and the designated drivers are arranged and scheduled, we will be able to help you transport your cargo safely and efficiently, while following the project timeline and scope stipulated in the quotation.

Why Work With Pollisum?

Pollisum has worked with heavy-duty equipment and transport since it was founded over thirty years ago in 1984. During the span of almost three decades in the industry, Pollisum has gained relevant experience and insights while serving our customers. At Pollisum, we strive to use our experience, insight and expertise to provide excellent and reliable transportation and logistics solutions for our customers and their companies and to consistently improve our quality of service

We provide you with the brains (logistics management and strategy) and the brawns (transportation resources like trailers and container trucks) for your logistical needs. We are a one-stop integrated service provider that you can rely on for your project logistics and supply chain needs.

What You Can Expect From Pollisum

Here are some things you can expect when you engagePollisum:

  • competent, driven and dedicated personnel who strive to provide you with the best trucking solutions for your needs
  • safe and secure transportation of your cargo
  • competent and licensed container truck drivers
  • reliable, punctual and high-quality trucking services
  • a competent and experienced prime mover driver assigned to each vehicle
  • Meticulous planning for your project logistics needs
  • competitive pricing
  • successful completion of the job

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Frequently Asked Questions About Container Truck Rental/Prime Movers & Project Logistics In Singapore


What Is The Difference Between Container Trucks And Trailer Trucks?

Container truck is a semi-trailer where an intermodal container can be mounted on. At Pollisum, we have various types of container like reefer container, open top container for big cargo, ISO tank container for chemical and oil and standard container.

Reefer Containers are containers that are designed to maintain the temperature, humidity and atmosphere of the container at a constant value throughout the delivery process. It is usually used for the transportation of fruits and vegetables, meat, milk and dairy products and pharmaceuticals.

Open top containers are containers that have an open top covered by a tarp instead of a solid roof. It is used to transport over-height or over lengthy cargos.

ISO containers are built based on ISO standards and are designed to be used for carrying hazardous or non hazardous liquid. These can be for transporting chemicals and oil.

On the other hand, trailer trucks do not require a container and are more suited for items which do not need to be contained. For example, machinery, steel pipe, prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) cargos.

What Is The Maximum Weight A Container Truck Can Carry?

At Pollisum, our container trucks can carry between 25 tons to 70 tons, depending on the type of chassis used or cargo.

Will I Have To Pay More If My Cargo Requires A Police Escort?

Yes. The additional cost is due to the need to arrange an auxiliary police officer to perform the escort, applying for a permit and a specialist to plan and survey the route.

What Type Of Cargo Does Pollisum Handle?

We handle end to end from freight to transportation to lifting operations where we provide our very own lifting team and engineers. We can handle a wide range of cargo such as oil and gas tanks, air tanks, large power cables and systems, heavy machines and transformers. Contact us to know more!

Does Pollisum Handle Out-of-gauge (OOG) Cargo?

Yes. Pollisum has our very own low bed trailers, open top containers and out of gauge cargo to do the job. As the size of the cargo differs from job to job, you can give your requirement or dimensions of your cargo to us and we will do the necessary calculation and recommendation to you.

Will I Need To Engage Police Escort For Prime Mover Services?

Not necessarily. In Singapore, a police escort is only needed for oversized cargoes, when the overall height of the vehicle and cargo exceeds 4.5m. In the event that your prime mover job requires a police escort, you can count on Pollisum to engage it for you.

Will I Be Able To Track The Location Of The Prime Movers During The Delivery/Transport Operation?

Yes, at Pollisum, we make use of technology such as GPS trackers and operations management systems for greater efficiency and to give our clients peace of mind. You will be able to see the progress of the delivery/transport job.

Can I Engage A Prime Mover To Transport A Container?

Yes, delivery of containers can be done with prime movers. In fact, in Singapore, prime movers are one of the common vehicles used for trucking containers at ports and container yards, though they are suitable for jobs at almost any other location as well.

What License Is Needed To Drive A Prime Mover In Singapore?

In Singapore, in order to drive a prime mover, one would need a class 4 or 5 licenses.