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Crane Barges

Our Crane barge carry out a broad range of activities ranging from offshore lifting, transfer of cargoes, anchorage recovery, anchor and anchor chain replacement, navigation buoys, dredging of waterways, salvage work at sea and support of marine construction work.

100 Ton Crane Barge

52.67 M (L) x 17.07 M (B) x 3.66M (D)
831Tons / 249Tons
Boom Length
43 M
Stanchions, 2 spud holes with 2 spuds

180 Ton Crane Barge

54.86M (L) x 18.29M (B) x 3.66M (D)
914 Tons / 274 Tons
Boom Length
51 M
Stanchions, 4 spuds holes with 2 spuds

Floating Crane Barges Singapore


Are you looking for crane barges in Singapore to meet your business needs? We have a comprehensive range of Crane Barges to help you. Our lifting capacity on our crane barges ranges from 100 Ton to 180 Ton, allowing us to serve a wide range of requirements while also offering more customised solutions if required. Give us a call if you need a more tailored solution.

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Crane Barges Capable Of A Wide Range Of Applications

The versatility of our crane barges is evident in the wide range of applications for which they may be utilised, including general lifting in support of maritime construction operations, minor dredging of waterways and seas, minor salvage work at sea, ad-hoc sea logistics for the shipment of machinery and equipment from ships to islands.

The #1 Company For Floating Crane Barges In Singapore

Let us help you if you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable crane company in the marine industry that specialises in crane barges in Singapore.

Pollisum has a variety of vessel kinds, including crane barges and ordinary barges to fit your specific needs. Our team of specialists with experience in operating crane barges in Singapore will undoubtedly be able to provide you with more assistance. Our crane barges make a difference. You can trust Pollisum to get the job done.

We have a variety of vessel types that are ready to meet your demands. We can offer you the answer through our crane barges, which feature a full rotating crane tailored to your needs if you want further customisation.

Give us a call, and we can help you learn more about our services for crane barges in Singapore!

Our friendly service staff will better assist you with your queries on our shipyard services such as marine repair, barge charter, etc.!

Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Crane Barge In Singapore


What Is A Floating Crane Barge In Singapore?

A crane vessel, a crane ship, or a floating crane is equipped with a crane that is specialised in hoisting heavy loads. The largest crane vessels, also known as offshore construction vessels, are used for offshore construction. Conventional monohull vessels are used, but larger crane vessels are often semi-submersible or catamaran types as they have improved stabil­ity.

What Are Floating Crane Barges Used For?

Crane barges are often referred to as crane vessels or crane ships. These vessels are commonly used in offshore construction. These are ships with cranes that can help with heavy lifting. Depending on the type of barge, they are used for different kinds of heavy lifting operations.

In Singapore, floating crane barges are also generally used for offshore construction for the transportation of materials.

Floating cranes are barges that make it possible to relocate them when not in use and doesn’t require the continual relocation of fixed-position cranes. Floating cranes are mobile & can also be moved from one work site to another.

How Does A Floating Crane Barges Work?

Floating crane barges are stabilised by pumping river water into ballast tanks. The filled tanks enable the crane’s centre of gravity to be lowered, making it safer and more efficient to lift large objects over water.

How Can Pollisum Provide Assistance For Floating Crane Barge In Singapore?

Pollisum has been providing crane barge services since 1984. With our trustable services to the marine industry, we are also awarded Enterprise 50 for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Please get in contact with us today to have a customised quotation.