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Crawler Crane / Crawler Tower Crane

Crawler cranes comes with lattice boom cranes mounted with two crawler tracks. This crane is specially used for undeveloped sites and with the option to installed as a crawler tower crane option. Ranges from 50tons to 100tons

50 Ton Crawler Crane

5.5m x 4.3m
Max. Boom Length
Max. Boom Length with Fly jib

70 Ton Crawler Crane

4.79m x 6.17m
Max. Boom Length
Max. Boom Length with Fly jib

80 Ton Crawler Crane

6.088 x 5.05m
Max. Boom Length
Max. Boom Length with Fly jib

90 Ton Crawler Crane

6.188 x 5.05m
Max. Boom Length
Max. Boom Length with Fly jib

100 Ton Crawler Tower Crane

6.295m x 4.99m
Max. Boom Length
Max. Boom Length with Fly jib
18.5m / 37m

280 Ton Crawler Tower Crane

7.520m x 4.335m
Max. Boom Length
Max. Boom Length with Fly jib

Crawler Cranes In Singapore


A crawler crane in Singapore consists of an upper carriage mounted on a crawler type undercarriage. The crawler crane uses a lattice boom which is large, needs to be disassembled and transported in pieces and reassembled on site.

The undercarriage uses tracks instead of wheels to better navigate unstable terrain and perform massive weight lifting. Crawler cranes are usually used for heavy lifting work, large assemblies in building construction, the oil and gas industry, and the marine industry.

In Singapore, common variations of crawler cranes include crawler cranes, crawler telescopic cranes and crawler tower cranes. Pollisum provides crawler crane rental typically for, but not limited to, the construction industry, which usually encompasses the piling, facade and steelworks companies.

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High-Quality Crawler Cranes In Singapore

To provide high-quality crawler cranes for our clients, Pollisum regularly services and maintains our cranes. This ensures the crawler cranes are of optimal quality and efficiency to be deployed. Our crawler cranes are also new and sophisticated, so you can be assured that obsolete cranes will not be deployed for your job. For added functionality, our crawler cranes also come with fly jib and winch, so they will be able to accommodate a wider variety of lifting jobs.

Suitable Beyond The Construction Industry

Although crawler cranes in Singapore are widely used in the construction industry, their versatility makes them suitable for other sectors as well. Pollisum has deployed crawler cranes for clients from various sectors, including construction, the oil and gas industry, and the marine industry.

Crawler Crane Rental With Pollisum

Understanding Your Requirements

Thorough prior calculations are essential for heavy-duty vehicles like crawler cranes to facilitate carrying out the job safely and efficiently. If you’re unsure what calculations are needed, don’t fret. Pollisum will do the necessary calculations to find out the best solution and types of crawler cranes for the job. We simply need the details of the job to help us understand your requirements to do the calculations for you and give you a quotation.

Arranging Trained Drivers

Once the quotation is agreed upon, we will prepare for the job by sending our professional engineer to perform a site assessment survey, produce a lifting plan along with a Risk Assessment (RA), method of statement (MOS) and Safe work procedures (SWP) documents.

Getting The Job Done

Once we have prepared the vehicles and operators, we will be able to help you carry out the job safely and efficiently. Whether you need the crawler cranes or crawler tower cranes in Singapore for lifting, transporting or working at height, Pollisum will help you get the job done.

Why Work With Pollisum?

In 1984, Pollisum was founded as a crane mechanical repair company. Since then, we have evolved to be a One-Stop Integrated Service Provider, with one of our core focuses on being the leasing and selling of heavy lift and transport vehicles like crawler cranes.

Having worked with multiple variants of cranes such as crawler telescopic cranes in Singapore for over three decades, we are confident in our personnels’ deep understanding of our clientele and their needs. When you engage Pollisum, you’ll be working with personnel who will be able to advise, guide and plan the job with you.

What You Can Expect From Pollisum

  • Reliable, punctual and high-quality service
  • Young, driven, and responsive personnel strive to provide you with the best solution that meets your needs and requirements
  • Competent crawler crane operators
  • Competitive pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions About Crawler Cranes In Singapore


Which Jobs Are More Suited For A Crawler Crane?

Crawler cranes in Singapore are suitable for use on unstable ground conditions such as soft ground, with a long work duration between 3 months to 1 year. This is because a crawler crane needs to be assembled on-site and would incur a cost for mobilisation and demobilisation work. In addition, crawler cranes are able to perform massive weight lifting and are efficient for large scale construction projects.

How High Can A Crawler Crane Go?

How high a crawler crane can go depends on the boom length. At Pollisum, we provide crawler cranes with a basic boom length of 10m and a maximum boom length of 52m. A 50 Tons crawler crane and 280 Tons crawler crane are able to lift 25 tons and 220 tons at close range.

Why Rent A Crawler Crane?

From our experience with various clients, renting a crawler crane is usually more cost-effective than buying them as you’ll be able to avoid incurring many costs including the price of buying the vehicle itself, permits to operate the vehicle, engaging licensed operators and more.

How Much Weight Can A Crawler Crane Lift?

Depending on the model type and category, a typical 50 Tons crawler crane in Singapore can lift 35 Tons at near range and a 280 Tons crawler crane can lift 220 Tons at near range. This depends on various factors such as the crawler crane’s load chart, site requirements or conditions and weight or type of cargo.

How Old Is Your Fleet Of Crawler Cranes?

Averagely, our crawler crane fleet is about 1 to 5 years. In recent years, Pollisum has acquired more than 20 brand new crawler cranes. Pollisum has a review process to constantly evaluate and refresh its fleets on a regular basis. Chat with us to know more!

What Is Your Crawler Crane Fleet Size?

With our newly added crawler cranes, you can be sure that Pollisum has a wide range of crawler cranes available to cater to your needs. Besides tower cranes, crawler cranes & telescopic cranes, we offer a wide range of other crane services, such as lorry cranes, mobiles cranes & more.