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Man Cage

Our Man Cage is designed to transport personnel and to carry out jobs safely in a short duration of time..

Best Man Cage Fabrication In Singapore

A man cage, also known as a Rescue man cage or a Personnel Basket, is a device used to transport workers or rescue personnel to and from high or hard-to-reach places. It is attached to a crane or lift and can be operated by a remote or manual lever. It is widely used in various industries, such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, and shipping.

A man cage is especially significant in Singapore, where urban development and infrastructure maintenance are constantly progressing. A man cage can help workers to access buildings, bridges, towers, or other structures safely and efficiently. It can also help rescue personnel reach victims or survivors in emergencies or disasters. A man cage can save time, money, and lives.

Why Choose Pollisum’s man cage In Singapore

Our man cage is designed to transport personnel and to carry out jobs safely in a short duration of time.

Material And Build

Our product is designed from high-strength steel that ensures its capability to withstand heavy weight and harsh conditions. The cage’s robust frame and sturdy base offer unparalleled stability and support. Whether you choose a mesh or solid wall variant, our man cage ensures protection from falling objects or debris.


The man cage Singapore is engineered to safely transport up to four people. With a safe working load of 500 kg, it offers ample space to accommodate tools and other equipment.

Safety Measures

Safety is our priority. Our Rescue man cage adheres to the MOM cert guidelines and has integrated safety features to guarantee worker safety. A lockable safety gate is accessible both from the inside and outside. Safety harness attachment points are also present to connect to workers’ belts or vests. This makes our cage especially apt as a Rescue man cage.


The flexibility of our product is its standout feature. Whether inspection, maintenance, repair, installation, or demolition, our man cage is adaptable to different tasks or environments. Be it indoor or outdoor, urban or rural, or on flat or uneven terrains, this cage is versatile. Our range of products also includes Lift Gear and Cage RCM variants, ensuring we have a solution for every requirement.

Professional Engineers Test And Review

Our man cage undergoes a stringent PE test to ensure its durability and safety. The positive reviews we’ve received underline users’ trust in our product and its design.

We Fabricate Industry-Grade man cages In Singapore. Request A Quote From Pollisum Today.

Man cages serve as an indispensable tool, providing a secure and efficient means to lift personnel to elevated work areas.

Their use not only enhances productivity but also significantly mitigates the risks associated with working at heights. As with any piece of lifting equipment, the key to maximising the benefits of man cages lies in adhering to strict safety protocols, regular maintenance checks, and ensuring proper training for operators.

While man cages are an integral part of ensuring safety and efficiency on construction sites, they are just one piece of the puzzle. Our company offers a wide range of services designed to meet all your construction needs. Choose from our wide selection of heavy equipment rental such as Lorry Cranes, Mobile/Hydraulic Cranes, and Crawler cranes to lift up your projects!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Man Cages In Singapore

The man cage is designed to safely transport up to four individuals. With a safe working load of 250 kg, it also offers ample space inside for tools and equipment.

You must have a valid crane operator licence to operate the crane. To be transported in a man cage,you must have a basic knowledge of the man cage's features, functions, and safety measures. You must also follow the safety guidelines and procedures for using the man cage.

Yes, the man cage is adaptable to different tasks or environments. It can be used for various purposes, such as inspection, maintenance, repair, installation, or demolition. It can also be used in different settings such as indoor or outdoor, urban or rural, flat or uneven.