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general fabrication

Marine Repair & Engineering

We do marine fabrication & modification such as installation of sideboards, ramp doors and afloat repairs & refurbishment of tugs and barges. We also specialised in marine structures, marine hot and cold fabrication works of onshore and offshore marine structures.

Marine Repairs

Pollisum is an approved shipyard providing installations and repairs of ramp doors, stanchions, side boards of barges, bollards, and steel fabrications repairs of barges.

Marine Engineering

Pollisum provide construction of large and heavy steel structures, modular fabrications, skids and working shelters, marine hot and cold fabrication works of onshore and offshore marine structures.

Best Marine Repair Service In Singapore



Wide Range Of Marine Repair Services

Pollisum is a trusted company dedicated to the installation of marine equipment, maintenance services, and repairs of ramp doors, stanchions, sideboards of barges, bollards, ships repair and steel repairs of barges. We provide a range of marine repair services in Singapore, catering to our clientele’s individual needs.


Proven Track Record

Pollisum was incorporated in 1984 and has been an approved shipyard company within the Maritime Industry. Our engineering teams and specialists with expertise in vessel and ship repair and a proven track record can undoubtedly provide afloat repair and services for hull repairs, crack repairs, and so much more!


Customer-Centric Marine Repair Services

We prioritise and meet the needs of our customers, understanding their unique marine repair service requirements. Our customer-centric quality services extend to constructing large and heavy steel structures, modular fabrications, skids, and working shelters, as well as marine hot and cold fabrication works for onshore and offshore marine structures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marine Repair/Barge Repair/Pusher Tugs In Singapore

Typical services include engine overhauls, hull repairs, electrical system fixes, and propulsion system maintenance.

Yes, most marine repair services in Singapore adhere to strict international safety and quality standards, such as ISO certifications and other relevant maritime regulations. This makes Singapore a globally trusted centre for ship repairs and maintenance.

Completing marine repairs can range from a few hours for minor fixes to several weeks for major overhauls. The time needed will largely depend on the complexity of what needs repairing and the availability of spare parts.

Pollisum has been providing marine repair in Singapore since being established in 1984. We are also awarded Enterprise 50 for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. With our trusted services to the offshore industry, our specialists will understand your requirements and recommend the best and most efficient solution. Let us help you by becoming your solutions provider for marine or barge repair in Singapore.