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general fabrication

Wharfage / Private Jetty

With the only private jetty located up North of Singapore, we provide loading and unloading with import and export permits, berthing and mooring services and other marine repair and maintenance.

Loading / Unloading

We provide loading and unloading of oversized cargoes (such as multi axle trailer with cargoes, heavy machineries) via tugboats and barges, including import and export permits.

Mooring Service

With the only private Jetty situated in the North. Pollisum has a large mooring space for berthing and mooring services for tugboats and barges. We are also equipped with a yard service crane where we can hoist materials from land to the tugs and barges.

Mooring Service Singapore


Are you looking for mooring services in Singapore? Pollisum is known as one of the mooring companies in Singapore and has the right expertise and equipment for your mooring design, requirements and needs.

Pollisum has an extensive berth and mooring service in Singapore for tugboats and barges. Our company also has a yard service crane which allows us to lift heavy objects from our dock to the tugboats and barges.

Why Choose Pollisum As Your Mooring Company In Singapore


If you are searching for a reliable and trustable logistics company for mooring services in Singapore, let us help you.

We have been providing customer-centric quality services to the offshore industry since the early years. We are also a global leader in providing mooring and terminalling solutions and have been awarded Enterprise 50 for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

We Provide Industry Trusted Mooring And Terminalling Solutions


Pollisum has also been one of the most recognizable companies within Singapore’s oil and gas industry regarding mooring in Singapore. As a mooring solutions specialist, our employees are known for our expertise in various aspects of mooring operations and equipment and we also ensure that our employees are trained in mooring design/solutions.

Regardless of water depth or mooring system requirements our customers or clients may have, we can provide customised and cost-effective mooring solutions for any vessel. Contact our service hotline today to learn more about our mooring services! Our friendly service staff will better assist you with your queries!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mooring In Singapore


What Is Mooring In Singapore?


Mooring is a term commonly used in the oil, gas and chemical industry to describe the process of anchoring a boat in an area. It can be done by using mooring balls, anchors or cables. The most common type of moorings are those that use anchor chains.

In the oil and chemical industry, mooring is usually required for vessels that need to stay at a specific location for an extended period. This could be due to commercial reasons (such as fishing) or recreational purposes such as camping.

How Can Pollisum Provide Assistance As A Mooring Company In Singapore?


Pollisum has been providing quality services & facilities to the offshore industry since 1984. We offer a full range of services from installation, maintenance and repair of moorings to design and construction of new mooring systems or facilities. Our integrous and passionate team of mooring specialists is highly experienced with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Our expert team members will be happy to answer all your questions regarding mooring services in Singapore. Contact us today for more information on mooring services.