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Police Escort

Oversized cargos will be transported with police Escort. Any cargo exceeding 3.4m width, exceeding over height of 3.4m (excluding chassis) or overall weight exceeding 80tons will require to have police escort.

Police Escort

We specialised in transporting oversized cargos with width exceeding 3.4m and height exceeding 4.5m (including chassis). We will perform a pre-escort route assessment to ensure that the safe transport of the cargo.

Learn more About Police Escort In Singapore


As trailers are used for transporting big and heavy cargo, sometimes, a police escort in Singapore is necessary. This is especially so for the construction industry, where the cargoes are usually big and heavy, and the overall height of the cargo and trailer is likely to exceed 4.5m.

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Road Traffic Act

According to the Road Traffic Act, a police escort is required when the overall vehicle height exceeds 4.5m, vehicle laden weight exceeds 80,000 kg or overall vehicle width exceeds 3m. And if found guilty, the person can be imprisoned and/or fined. At Pollisum, we will take utmost care in ensuring that your cargo is transported as per the Road Traffic Act in Singapore. We will not compromise Pollisum’s and our client’s reputations.

Importance Of Police Escort For Oversized Cargo

A vehicle carrying an oversized cargo is required to engage auxiliary police escort. This is because oversized cargoes are likely to slow down traffic and affect road structures due to their large size and heavyweight. During the course of the transportation, the police escort will ensure the safety and convenience of other vehicles and road users as well as the safe transport of the cargo.

Pollisum specialises in transporting oversized cargoes that require police escort in Singapore.

Pollisum Keeps Ourselves Updated On The Latest Changes

At Pollisum, we keep ourselves updated on the laws and any changes that may affect our operations and service for our clients. We will abide by the latest laws and acts to ensure that everything is secure — from our clients’ cargo and reputation to our vehicles and reputation.

Pollisum Will Engage Police Escort For Your Oversized Cargoes

At Pollisum, we keep ourselves abreast of the latest changes regarding services our clients may need. This includes engaging police escort for oversized cargoes. You can rest assured that we are updated on the latest requirements that affect our services so that our clients can have a stress-free transportation experience with us.

Why Work With Pollisum?

Pollisum has been working with heavy vehicles (such as rough terrain cranes and trailers) and other equipments for over thirty years since it was founded in 1984. This has given us much experience transporting cargoes, including large and oversized ones, for our clients. We have served plenty of clients who needed to transport heavy and bulky cargo, so you can rest assured that Pollisum’s personnel have substantial experience dealing with oversized cargoes and engaging police escorts on their behalf.

What You Can Expect From Pollisum

When you engage Pollisum’s prime mover services, you can expect:

  • to liaise with driven and experienced personnel who are capable of advising you on what must be done for oversized cargoes
  • Pollisum to manage the administrative tasks and paperwork to engage auxiliary police escorts
  • punctual, reliable and superb service
  • competitive pricing

Frequently Asked Questions About Police Escorts In Singapore


Am I Required By Law To Engage Police Escort When Transporting My Oversized Cargo In Singapore?

Yes, if your vehicle and cargo exceed the stipulated width, height and weight, you are required by law to engage police escort when transporting your oversized cargoes in Singapore. Failure to do so may result in imprisonment and/or fine. You can rest assured that when you engage Pollisum for your transportation needs, we will advise you on whether the job requires a police escort, and if it does, we will arrange the police escort for you.

If My Cargo Requires Police Escort, Must It Be Done During Nighttime?

This depends on several factors like road condition, route, weather etc. For ease of transporting the cargo, this usually happens at night due to traffic congestion. Rest assured, we will discuss the pre-escort assessment with you to ensure the safe and efficient transport of your cargo.

Will I Need To Apply For Oversized Vehicle Movement (OVM)?

An OVM is required if the overall width/ vehicle load of the vehicle exceeds 2.6m, rear overhang of load is more than or equal to 40% of the vehicle length or 1.8m whichever is lesser or overall weight exceeds the vehicle type’s laden weight limits.