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Spreader Beams & Lifting Frames

We manufacture Spreader beam and Lifting frames that are custom made to order and according to Professional Engineer (PE) certified drawings, structural calculations and with load test. These lifting frames and beams are mainly used to lift PPVC or PBU which we provide lifting gears (such as wire sling) to match to the tonnage accordingly.

Spreader Beam for Precast Beams

Spreader beam designed with Safe Working Load of 10ton to 100ton

Spreader Beam for Hollow Core Precast Slabs

Spreader Beam with two Lifting Arm specially designed for lifting Hollow Core Slab with Safe working Load of 10ton to 50tons

Lifting Frame for PBU and PPVC

Lifting Frame designed for lifting PPVC / PBCU with Safe Working Load of 10tons to 60tons

X Lifting Frame for Big Bags

This Cross-Lifting Frame is designed with moveable lifting lugs for carrying and transporting materials and sands using big bags. The frame can carry up to 10tons only.

Lifting Frame with Movable I-beam for PBU and PPVC

This Lifting Frame is designed for a multipurpose lifting. It has two movable I-beam inside its frame and the overall frame is designed to carry out various sizes of PBU and PPVC. It has also a Safe Working Load of 40ton – 80ton

Lifting Frame for Precast Large Panel Slab

This lifting frame is design for transportation and installation of precast slabs. Frame can be designed with Safe Working load up to 15ton.

Spreader Beam for Precast Column

This Spreader Beam is designed for convenient installation of precast column. The beam is composed of bolted lifting lugs to accommodate various sizes of columns. It can be designed with safe working load up to 60ton.

Lifting Frame & Spreader Beam Singapore


Are you looking for spreader beams and/or lifting frames in Singapore?

Pollisum is a leading Crane & Transport leasing, Marine, Logistics and Fabrication company that specialises in manufacturing a wide range of versatile lifting equipment such as spreader bars & lifting frames in Singapore.

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Engage Professionals With The Right Expertise


Our skilled and professional engineer (PE) provides drawings for custom lifting equipment while adhering to the highest level of quality, safety standards and environmental standards for lifting equipment.

Our spreader beams & lifting frames in Singapore are also designed with a safe working load in mind and are specifically designed for different lifting applications such as lifting prefabricated concrete such as PBU/PPVC, walls and columns or even based on your specific requirements or site condition.

Precast Frame (Singapore)


Get better peace of mind by handing over your building projects for precast frames in Singapore to our finest workers and engineers at Pollisum. As an early adopter of prefabrication technology, we have qualified expertise in precast construction methods and strict adherence to safety measures.

At Pollisum, we will enforce quality control and never compromise on the quality we deliver for our clients’ work. That’s why we have been the pioneers of lifting, transport and engineering solutions for multiple industries since 1984.

We provide precast frames in standard sizes or custom made to order, used as components for building projects. Some examples of our services for the precast frame (Singapore) are PPVC/PBU, usually pre-assembled off-site and then delivered on-site for installation.

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)


PPVC, which stands for prefabricated pre-finished volumetric construction, is a standard precast construction method in Singapore. For years, especially in HDB projects, precast components like ledges, gable end walls, service ducts, staircases and more.

Developers and contractors who adopted PPVC also have some other advantages but not limited to:

  • Time savings (PPVC adopters reported shorter construction duration)
  • Staffing of Manpower (Lesser sub-contractors are required on-site)
  • Safety (Lesser workers on-site reduces chances of work accidents/injuries)
  • Quality
  • Sustainability & Environment Friendliness
  • & More!

Contact us today to learn more about our products/services regarding precast frames in Singapore.

Alternatively, we also provide steel fabrication services or transport solutions for project logistics in Singapore.



A prefabricated bathroom unit (PBU) is an assembled bathroom unit that is pre-assembled off-­site complete with finishes, plumbing, sanitary wares and other amenities before it is delivered and then installed on-site. It is another prefabricated construction that has recently become widely used for construction projects.

Pollisum Is Your #1 Choice For Spreader Beam, Lifting Frames & Precast Frames In Singapore


Let us help you if you’re looking for a trustworthy & reliable company for lifting equipment with over 20 years of experience. We will ensure that the lifting/precast frames and beams have been tested and approved by PE. We carry out a load test with a safety factor ranging from 125% to 150% to ensure that the spreader beam or lifting frame can safely withstand the lifting load.

Our team of experts & talented engineers with a comprehensive range of experience in operating cranes & custom lifting equipment for overload testing will undoubtedly be able to provide you with 100% quality which you can rely on for precast frames, custom made spreader beams & lifting frames in Singapore.

You can trust Pollisum to get the job done and have peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our available services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lifting Equipment
(Spreader Beam/Lifting Frames/Precast Frames In Singapore)


What Is A Spreader Beam?


A typical spreader beam consists mainly of a long bar that supports two slings at each end. This helps to distribute the weight of the load evenly over two or more points.

It can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. It’s designed to lift heavy weights by allowing even weight distribution which reduces the chance of tipping. Spreader beams can be manufactured to allow for incremental adjustment of sling angle for off-centre load adjustment.

What Is The Difference Between Lifting Frames And Spreader Beams?


There is a lot of confusion among people about the differences between spreader beams and lifting frames in Singapore. Just as the name suggests, a lifting frame is a rigid structure that is usually customised to lift a specific load mostly 3-dimensional modules with multiple points such as prefabricated bathroom unit (PBU) and prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC). Whereas spreader beams are usually designed for vertical and horizontal precast components such as Façade Wall and Columns.

What Is A Precast Frame?


A precast frame in Singapore that is widely used for construction projects. Usually consists of main structural compo­nents of beams, slabs and columns. To join the loose precast beams, columns and slabs into a framed building and structural connec­tions are required.

Why Use Precast Frame In Singapore?


Due to the advancement of the construction industry in Singapore, most of the residential buildings are made of prefabricated components whereas precast concrete is built off-site. Precast frames are used to load/unload and install these prefabricated components.