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Steel Cage Ladders

Selecting the proper steel cage ladder is a pivotal decision for enhancing safety and functionality. Pollisum rises to the occasion by offering a diverse range of steel cage ladders designed for your needs.

Best Steel Cage Ladders In Singapore

Selecting the proper steel cage ladder is a pivotal decision for enhancing safety and functionality. Pollisum rises to the occasion by offering a diverse range of steel cage ladders designed for your needs.

Our expertise extends beyond ladders; we excel in the leasing and selling of and haulage vehicles, steel structure fabrication, and marine engineering services. This makes us your one-stop solution for a variety of operational requirements in Singapore’s bustling industrial sectors.

We’ll explore the unique benefits and features that make Pollisum’s steel cage ladders the go-to choice for those who maintain safety and functionality.

Benefits Of Choosing Pollisum’s Steel Cage Ladders In Singapore

When accessing vertical spaces safely and efficiently, the right ladder is more than just a convenience—it’s necessary. Among the myriad options available, Pollisum is known for its robust offerings of steel cage ladders.

Engineered with the highest quality and safety standards, our modular fixed steel ladders are an industry benchmark.

Quality Assurance And Compliance In Pollisum’s Steel Cage Ladders

Safety comes first, and Pollisum’s fixed steel ladders are designed for use where secure, solid vertical climbing access is required. Our products comply with all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards, offering the necessary reliability.

These steel cage ladders are available both with and without walk-thru handrails at the top landing surface. In accordance with OSHA regulations, for ladder heights exceeding 24′, we provide the essential safety cage protection to meet these standards.

Customisation Options For Your Steel Cage Ladder Needs

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, we offer customisation options to meet your needs. From ladder safety systems to steel construction, our range is as versatile as it is robust.

Our approach to customisation is thorough: understanding customer requirements, providing quotations and drawings, fabricating the item, delivering it, and finally, invoicing the client with a Delivery Order (DO).

Steel Cage Ladders Offered By Pollisum

Navigating the expansive world of steel ladders can be challenging, especially when looking for a balance of safety, industrial-grade quality, and suitability for specific tasks.

Our safety cage ladders come with built-in safety cage protection. These fixed ladder models offer additional platforms and handrails for extended reach and security.

As a company prioritising safety, Pollisum ensures that these ladders can be easily combined with other assemblies and are ready to ship with the tightest control before shipment and installation.

From lightweight aluminium to weight-bearing steel, our ladder options feature everything from flared bottoms for added stability and enhanced security. Here’s a closer look at our stellar line-up of steel cage ladders.

Steel Fixed Caged Ladder

Compliance: Meets or exceeds most building codes and is ideal for providing safe and easy access to roofs and platforms.


  • Walk through 42″ handrail
  • Safety cage begins about 7′ from the bottom of the ladder and extends to the top
  • Safety cage is flared at the bottom, allowing for easy access
  • 1″ diameter rungs

Standards: Meets OSHA standards

Trust Pollisum For Reliable Safety And Functionality In Steel Cage Ladders

When it comes to combining safety and functionality in steel ladders, look no further than Pollisum. Our range of steel cage ladders, including modular fixed steel ladders and fixed steel ladders, offers the pinnacle of safety cage protection without compromising on durability or design.

So, why take chances when you can trust a company that understands your needs right from the consultation phase, provides comprehensive quotations and drawings, fabricates high-quality items, and delivers on time?

We’re not just another supplier but your partner in ensuring a safer and more functional workspace. Contact Pollisum for your steel ladder needs and experience the highest quality and safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Cage Ladders In Singapore

Installing a steel cage ladder involves a multi-step process to ensure durability and safety. First, the area where the ladder will be located is thoroughly assessed. The ladder's mounting brackets included in the package are then securely anchored to the designated surface.

Safety cages and other components are attached after the primary structure is in place.

To maintain a steel cage ladder effectively, periodic inspections are crucial. The climbing rungs, safety cage, and other components should be examined for signs of wear, corrosion, or other potential issues. Beyond visual checks, moving parts may require lubrication to ensure smooth operation.

If any faults are found, they should be addressed promptly to avoid compromising safety. Consistent care and attention will prolong the lifespan of the ladder and maintain its reliability.

The weight capacities of our steel cage ladders are designed to meet a broad range of industrial requirements. Specifically, standard models can comfortably support up to 136 kilograms, including the individual's weight and any tools or materials they may be carrying.

For more demanding applications, we are able to customise heavy-duty ladders that fits your requirement. This ensures you can select a ladder ideally suited to your operational needs, prioritising safety and efficiency.

The weight capacity of each ladder is rigorously tested to ensure compliance with safety standards and long-term reliability.

Pollisum offers a variety of accessories that integrate seamlessly with our steel cage ladders. From optional platforms to handrails and one-piece welded assemblies, these add-ons are designed to enhance both safety and user experience. 

With these customisations, we aim to meet your unique operational demands efficiently.

Our steel cage ladders are designed for both durability and adaptability. If your operational requirements change, Pollisum can help you safely relocate or modify your ladder, ensuring that it meets new spatial or functional needs.

This adaptability includes adjustments to existing walk-thru models and mounting brackets, making your ladder system continually compliant and adaptable to your workspace.

At Pollisum, we aim for versatility in our steel cage ladder offerings. While standard lengths and heights exist, customisation options are available to suit specific needs.

Pollisum can adapt ladder designs to meet various industrial and functional requirements, creating a tailored solution for your needs.