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Steel Pipes

We provide high quality steel pipes in S770 QL and ST52.3 Grades. Our steel pipes in Singapore comes in various dimension. Suitable for use in crane boom, marine industry. Contact us today to find out more.

ST52.3 Steel Pipe

Available Dimensions:

  • 21.3mm x 2.0mm x 12m
  • 26.9mm x 2.6mm x 12m
  • 33.7mm x 2.9mm/2.6mm x 12m
  • 38.0mm x 2.9mm x 12m
  • 38.0mm x 4.0mm x 12m
  • 42.4mm x 2.9mm x 12m
  • 44.5mm x 4.0mm x 12m
  • 48.3mm x 2.9mm x 12m
  • 51.0mm x 2.9mm x 12m
  • 63.5mm x 3.2mm x 12m
  • 63.5mm x 5.0mm x 12m
  • 82.5mm x 6.0mm x 12m
  • 88.9mm x 6.0mm x 12m
  • 91.7mm x 6.0mm x 12m
  • 95.0mm x 6.0mm x 12m

S770 QL Steel Pipe

Available Dimensions:

  • 114.3mm x 6.0mm x 12m
  • 63.5mm x 5.0mm x 12m
  • 73.0mm x 6.0mm x 12m
  • 76.1mm x 6.0mm x 12m
  • 88.9mm x 6.0mm x 12m
  • 88.9mm x 6.3mm x 12m
  • 95.0mm x 6.3mm x 12m

Best High Tensile Steel Pipes In Singapore

Pollisum offers high tensile steel pipes with an assortment of dimensions. These steel pipes are suited for various applications, from crane booms to marine repair engineering.

These pipes are engineered to withstand the most challenging environments thanks to their superior surface quality and optimal wall thickness.

Pollisum goes beyond merely providing steel products. We offer comprehensive solutions that span from leasing & sales of lifting equipment and haulage vehicles to repairing and maintaining cranes and used cranes for sale.

Why Choose Pollisum’s High-Tensile Steel Pipes

Enhanced Durability And Strength

Pollisum’s high-tensile steel pipes offer unparalleled durability and strength. Engineered to withstand harsh conditions, these pipes are ideal for industries demanding robust and long-lasting materials. Their superior tensile strength ensures they can handle high pressure and heavy loads, making them a reliable choice for critical applications.

Versatility In Applications

Our high-tensile steel pipes are incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of industries including construction, engineering, and manufacturing. Their adaptability to various environments and resistance to corrosion make them an excellent choice for both underground and above-ground applications, offering consistent performance across diverse conditions.

Cost-Effective And Efficient

Investing in Pollisum’s high-tensile steel pipes means opting for a cost-effective solution. Their longevity reduces the need for frequent replacements, leading to significant savings over time. Additionally, their ease of installation and maintenance streamlines operations, enhancing overall efficiency in your projects.

Transform Your Operations With High Tensile Steel Pipes From Pollisum

Choose Pollisum’s high-tensile steel pipes for a reliable, versatile, and cost-effective solution in your operations. Their exceptional strength, adaptability, and efficiency make them an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications. Trust Pollisum to deliver quality and performance that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Pipes In Singapore

Our high-tensile steel pipes are engineered to withstand high levels of pressure effectively. The high yield strength of the materials used ensures the pipes can handle significant stress without deformation.

This quality makes these pipes ideal for transporting liquids and gases under pressure or for structural components in construction that must bear heavy loads. The robust wall thickness of our tubes adds an extra layer of protection, contributing to their pressure-withstanding capabilities.

In terms of maintenance, our high-tensile steel pipes require relatively less care than standard steel pipes, thanks to their corrosion resistance. However, regular inspections are recommended to ensure optimal condition, mainly when used in harsh environments.

Our team at Pollisum can assist with repair and maintenance services, ensuring your steel pipes maintain their high-performance standards over time.

Safety is paramount when dealing with high-strength materials like high-tensile steel pipes. Always adhere to your industry's installation guidelines and operational safety standards.

Regular inspections should be conducted to check for signs of wear or corrosion, especially if the pipes are used in demanding or harsh environments. At Pollisum, we're committed to ensuring that all our products meet stringent safety standards to provide peace of mind.