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Unstuffing & Stuffing

We provide stuffing and unstuffing of cargoes containers of any type. From General purpose, open top, flat rack to reefer containers.

Unstuffing & Stuffing

Our team of professional provide stuffing and unstuffing cargoes into and from containers of any type in a systematic approach and ensure that our client cargo is being carefully taken of and delivered on time.

Unstuffing Container Services In Singapore


Containers have become indispensable tools in the shipping industry as their uniform shape and dimensions facilitate the shipping process. Stuffing and unstuffing of containers thus have become an essential part of the shipping process.

Container stuffing is the process of loading goods into the container to be shipped, while unstuffing of container is the opposite — it is the act of unloading goods from a container that has arrived at its destination.

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Stuffing And Unstuffing Of Container: Essential Services

Although stuffing and unstuffing of containers might sound like an obvious and easy process, it requires great expertise to ensure that your valuable cargo is safe from start to end. If the cargo is not loaded and arranged into the container in a proper manner, it may get damaged during the shipment or unstuffing process.

Proper loading of the cargo is also crucial in reducing the possibility of trailer toppling, missing cargo and for the unstuffing team to unload efficiently and safely upon the cargo’s arrival.

Expert Team Handling Your Cargo

Pollisum provides expert labour with the required experience to handle your cargo’s container stuffing and unstuffing jobs. Stuffing and unstuffing of containers will be done efficiently and systematically to ensure the safety of the crew, your cargo and minimise the possibility of your cargo being damaged.

For efficiency purposes, your cargo may be palletized, where various cargoes are consolidated, shrink-wrapped together and placed on top of a pallet before being loaded into containers. Palletized cargo increases the ease of handling, loading speed, and cargo protection during the transportation process.

Pollisum Provides A Holistic Package

At Pollisum, we understand not everyone has experience in logistical services or the necessary equipment to prepare their cargo for shipping. That’s why we strive to provide a holistic stuffing and unstuffing container service package.

On top of providing a team of expert labour who will load your goods into the container, our container stuffing package includes the provision of packing materials. We believe this will add value to your experience of our service. We are able to purchase the materials at the best price, so you need not spend more than what is necessary on packing materials.

For unstuffing of containers, our in-house team handling the cargo will also dispose of unwanted debris after unloading cargo from the container. When engaging Pollisum for container stuffing and unstuffing jobs, you can expect quality service.

Why Work With Pollisum?

With experience spanning over 30 years in the industry, Pollisum has forged relationships with our clients and stakeholders of this industry. We have gained valuable industry knowledge and insights into the needs of our clients.

At Pollisum, we are a one-stop solution to your cargo transportation needs. In addition to the transportation services, we also provide container stuffing & unstuffing services to ensure the safety of your valuable cargoes. Additionally, having our in-house equipment for the container stuffing and unstuffing process means lower costs for all. Pollisum is well-equipped and knowledgeable to provide you with container stuffing and unstuffing services that are efficient and high-quality.

What You Can Expect From Pollisum

When you engage Pollisum for your shipment needs, you can expect:

  • professionals providing quality container services
  • competitive pricing
  • streamlined container stuffing and unstuffing process for punctuality and to maximise efficiency
  • careful stuffing and unstuffing of large cargo such as heavy equipment

Frequently Asked Questions About
Unstuffing Container Services In Singapore


Is There An Extra Charge For Container Stuffing And Unstuffing Services When I Engage Pollisum’s Transportation Services?

When you engage Pollisum’s transport services for your stuffing and unstuffing needs, there will be a labour fee included to load and unload the goods from the container.

Will All The Cargo Be Palletized Before Being Loaded Into The Containers?

Cargoes that can be contained in standard packaging will generally be palletized before being loaded into the containers. However, there may also be non-palletized cargo. Non-palletized cargo is usually cargo that cannot be transported on standard pallets due to their shape or size.

Can I Choose The Location Of The Container Stuffing And Unstuffing Process?

Yes, the stuffing and unstuffing of containers can take place at the client’s appointed premise or Pollisum’s warehouse space.